Tips to Reset the Windows Password of Your Router

A possible attack vector for the Windows firewall is an IP address. Since most modern routers contain the IP address of the client as the source of all its connections, if the hacker can find the IP address, he could also find out the username and password of the router. For example, if your PC is at home, but the router is at work, then the hacker will know the IP address used for connection to the internet and the username and password used by the user at home. If he finds the IP address, he could connect to your WAN (wired) or LAN (wireless) connection. So, you can protect your computer from such attacks by changing the password of your router http //192.168.l.1.

Changing Your Wireless Router Password to Your New IP Address

Another possible attack vector is a so-called “public proxy”. A public proxy is an IP address used to hide your real IP address. The IP of the public proxy server is connected to your computer through another network. The hacker can easily guess the real IP address by connecting to your computer through the proxy server and logging into your system. Therefore, if you change your password to the router, then anyone who will know the old password will not be able to log in to your system.

You can reset the Windows password of your router by following these steps. Firstly, restart the Windows terminal by pressing “ctrl+alt+del” on your keyboard. Then, log into your Windows terminal by typing “ipconfig” into the “asp” browser. Find the section of your network settings and reset the Ethernet adapter to the default (eth0). Then, set up the router again, using the default settings (uci=lan) for the IP address and the private key.