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It’s a no brainer really, there’s nothing like dining at a restaurant where the chef/owner is highly proficient in Italian cooking, and where the owner is also very knowledgeable about the cuisine of Italy. This type of fusion between two worlds is usually best experienced at franna crane melbourne, Australia. In fact, when I first learned of this wonderful establishment, I was not sure if it was actually located in Melbourne, because the name seemed so familiar. But after doing some research, I found out that this is a restaurant owned and operated by Mario Batali, who is an Italian chef that has opened a number of restaurants all over the world.

What makes Fransisco’s restaurants so appealing to both foodies and non-foodies alike?

The timing of the opening of this restaurant was very fortunate, because at that time Fransisco Escarez was just starting to rise to fame as a celebrity chef, and his two restaurants at Sotto and Milano in Rome were among the most popular in Italy. As luck would have it though, he also decided that it was time for him to introduce a restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. When he did, Fransisco was able to completely reinvent the concept of his cuisine, which helped him to create something entirely fresh and new, and even more appealing than before. Fransisco Escarez was born in Argentina and learned the trade there before working hard in different restaurants all over Italy. He then decided that it was his time to open his own restaurant in Melbourne, because it is such a beautiful city with a lot of history.

First of all, he employs only the freshest ingredients and serves them in their most natural forms. His unique cooking style involves using the finest quality of each ingredient, sometimes going without ingredients altogether, to create dishes that are beyond compare. Secondly, his wines are on the top of the range, and are the perfect accompaniment to any dish. And last but not least, his staff are friendly and helpful, taking special care to make the customers feel at home while they dine at this wonderful restaurant.


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