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Are you still using the same old disposable cloth face masks? The traditional way of applying your mask is by using a long piece of cloth that you tie around your face then pull it down over your nose and mouth to keep the dirt out. This is a time consuming job and can get kind of old after a while. There is also the problem of using the same old face cloth over again.

The Truth About Buy Disposable Face Masks

These days you can buy disposable bulk face masks at a much lower price. That’s right you can buy disposable face masks in bulk and that means you can use the same ones for years to come instead of the traditional boring cloth mask you have been wearing. We have all been in that position of using a new product and being excited only to use it for a week or two before it wears off or the smell starts to set in. These masks last for years, I’m not saying they will never wear out, but there is no reason to think they will wear out fast when you buy them in bulk.

You can buy disposable face masks in bulk that include ppe (pressure activated) material, this material activates when the wearer’s skin presses on it causing a slight tightening which is comfortable and odourless. You can get these products in black, brown, blue, or in any colour you want and many are specifically designed to be used outdoors as well. They are very durable and can withstand being worn in harsh weather. They are also easy to use and do not slip or slide down your nose like some traditional cloths do.


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