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Conveyancing Canterbury

Conveyancing Canterbury involves the legal transfer of land or other property from one person to another, sometimes including improvements. The process is one that has a long history in New Zealand and has been adapted to suit modern needs, with some degree of success. The basic idea is that land should be sold to someone who can build on it to create something that will be enjoyed by all, rather than simply be used for somebody’s gain. This applies both in the construction of residential dwellings, as well as in commercial property.

Basics of Conveyancing Canterbury

Conveyancing Canterbury involves many steps, and is frequently a lengthy process. For example, if you’re buying property that is part of a development project, the project manager may have a role to play in the conveyancing. The land itself may need to go through a series of steps to be put into appropriate legal shape, with solicitors acting on behalf of those involved in the process. Those involved in the conveyancing must themselves keep records of what has been accomplished, as well as of the money paid out and any contracts entered into.

Another important consideration with the conveyancing of property relates to the title, or deed, of the property itself. It is this document that acts as the ‘paper trail’ for any legal proceedings that may follow after the sale has taken place. A clear understanding of what it is that the document actually does is therefore important, as is ensuring that it matches up with the rest of the process that takes place in the purchase, such as deeds, legal formalities and the like. It is essential that all parties to the process to understand what is taking place, and that they have a copy of the deed to show that they have legally purchased the property.


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