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One of the most useful and least understood farm equipment in the farming sector is the disc plow. A disc plow is a rotating harrow with a row of parallel metal disc blades, which can be extended at an inclined angle. It’s an all-round agricultural implement which is very well used to till the land where crops are to be grown. It’s also used to cut away unwanted crop stayders or weeds.

The disc layout of the plot makes it easy to use without much effort on the part of the farmer. The disks stack up neatly into each other making a solid barrier against weeds. This ensures that the soil is always in its best condition. The length of the disc can be adjusted so that the right amount of force will do the work while allowing the plow to roll over a level area.

A disc plow can be an effective and efficient farming tool, however it has a few drawbacks. It needs regular checking on its condition and if not maintained properly it can lead to damage to the fields. It cannot be used in wet soils and snow conditions. It’s best to have a second or even third plow ready in case one gets damaged.


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