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With Extension à clip extens-hair, your dream hair gets reality in a matter of seconds. They are exclusive to INH hair and easy to apply. Don’t like to stand out, women, U-clip an Inh hair exclusive do not want to flex, but simply this is the only spot you will find U-clip extensions. Clip in hair extensions come in three different lengths, which include; super short; super long; and super thick.

Inh Hair Extensions Helps Protect Your Hair

There are so many things you can do with clip hair extensions including: go swimming; take a suntan; go tanning; rock hard; and just clip it in to any hair color and texture. No matter what you decide to do with them, you will love them. It’s like walking on air. If you are considering an Inh hair extension, whether it’s short or long, Inh offers all types of hair extension products including: Bohemian; Hollywood; glam rock; classic; and boho.

The Inh hair extension is 100% safe. They are also resistant to chlorine and heat so no worries about getting burned, their materials are tested multiple times to insure they will resist damage from both above and below. Inh hair extensions are made of medical grade keratin which helps protect your hair from the harsh conditions it faces everyday. Protecting your hair from harmful conditions helps protect your health, too.


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