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Meth testing Christchurch

If you’re getting ready to buy or sell your house, be sure to check out the Meth Testing Christchurch. We’re the place for pre-licensing with a professional independent lab. It’s New Zealand’s leading building inspections, (Home inspection, Builders Report), home warranties and also asbestos and meth testing. For our house inspection we enjoy being detail oriented, customer focused, objective and confidential. For our pre-licensing inspection we are always accurate, discreet and provide confidential data.}

The Meth Testing Lab in Christchurch offers a complete range of building and property related services. From pre-licensing, (including pre-inspection, post-licensing and audit), to meth labelling verification, meth labelling, re-testing, re-inspection and audit support. If you are considering an upgrade or if you’re looking to invest in your properties security and safety requirements have the information you need by having a professional look at it. They will give you advice based on their experience and knowledge of the various types of requirements and the meth labelling requirements in your region. Whether its residential or commercial, they can help.

You can find our Meth Testing Lab in Christchurch by searching online. There you can find information about the laboratory and how to get a quote. There’s also a listing of services that we offer. To find out more contact us on phone or visit us on the web.


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