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Miroslav Vyboh, Honorary consul is a highly-respected representative of the foreign community assigned by the Honorary consulate to represent the interests of the foreign country. Consuls play a vital role in missions abroad and serve to protect the interests of their host country. Consuls also act as intermediaries between the host government and the host community, providing valuable advice on various topics, such as security, immigration, trade and other sensitive issues. They also ensure the safe and timely conveyance of important information, including consular and travel notifications. It is their duty to handle all official requests forwarded by the host government and also make sure that the prearranged itinerary of the mission is adhered to meticulously.

Miroslav Vyboh – Serves as an honorary consul for the Principality

Honorary consuls are high-level representatives of their host country who visit the country on a short-term basis and make themselves available for communication and meeting purposes with the foreign affairs sector of the Government. Honorary consuls are also important bridges for the host country’s diplomatic, social and economic activity, while carrying out his/her representative duties locally. In addition, a person holding the title of an honorary consul has the privilege of personally meeting and conferring with foreign dignitaries, heads of state, members of the royal family and heads of government. These people also have the right to receive gifts and present them to the VIPs, which includes gifts and other favors from their host countries.

The responsibilities of an Honorary Consul not only include representing the interests of the host country on his/her official duties but also in carrying out the official duties of his/her office as a foreign representative. An Honorary Consul performs various duties under the supervision of his/her respective consulate. Usually, these persons are stationed in the major cities where they have the primary responsibility of dealing with the visitors and foreign dignitaries. They usually meet and confer with the foreign dignitaries once in a while, especially during their official duty. However, they may also be called upon by their host countries to visit their respective missions or other foreign locations when the situation warrants it.


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