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The first thing that Baby Helper USA should have is the ability for you to easily switch the seat in front of your baby with ease. This should be done with ease, without moving the baby or pushing a lever. The more comfort a parent has, the easier it will be to carry the baby around. Some of the most popular brands of baby strollers have a side-hinge to allow you to quickly change the seat to the front. All models of stroller should also have a built-in seat belt that stops when your baby starts crying or stops when the baby is too heavy. If your baby has any special needs then you should be able to get it adjusted into the seat belt by the manufacturer.


The second thing that each stroller should have is a brake mechanism that allows you to quickly stop the baby from making a sudden stop. It should also be easy to start the stroller again so that you can continue to move around with the baby while your baby stops suddenly.

This should be very useful if you happen to get lost or have to stop suddenly while on a trip, or while playing outdoors.


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