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Part Five is “E-Cigs Help to Save Your Life.” Here we get to hear the Vaper Works Central crew talk about the dangers of secondhand smoke and the dangers that come with inhaling secondhand smoke. Part Six is “Vapers and the Law.” Here we learn about the legal issues that come with using an electronic cigarette. We learn what the law says about smoking with electronic cigarettes and what the FDA says about it. There are also some sample testimonials about the products and some tips on what you should expect when you buy them.



The summary is where I really got excited. This was the part where I realized the amount of information that was provided. The next six sections were very detailed and explained a lot of things that would have taken up another book. I am sure that with my lack of reading knowledge on the subject I was left wondering what is discussed in these chapters.

The conclusion was where I felt the biggest flaws in the book were. There is no analysis of whether or not electronic cigarettes are safe to use, there is a short mention of the benefits but they are not as extensive as the ones in the first four sections.


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